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Wings Over Texas Hospice

Serving Others with Honor and Kindness

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At Wings Over Texas Hospice, we are dedicated to compassionately serving our Texas communities with honor and kindness. Our team of hospice professionals have years of experience in providing excellent hospice care, ensuring that every patient and their family receives the compassion and support they need during this difficult time. As a Texan-owned and locally-operated hospice, we take pride in serving our community with honor and kindness in everything we do.

Hospice Honors

What we do.

Our Wings Over Texas Hospice team provides physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical care for people in the last phases of a life-limiting illness with an emphasis on the control of pain and distressing symptoms.

We reflect the spirit and idea of caring which emphasizes comfort and dignity while making it possible for our hospice patients to remain independent for as long as possible in the surroundings familiar to them. Wings Over Texas Hospice provides hospice care for the patient and the family or caregiver.


Hospice Care Hands

Our Hospice Care Team

Often, family members or loved ones are the hospice patient's primary caregivers. We understand how difficult that may be. Wings Over Texas Hospice multiplies the hospice patients care team. Our team of hospice professionals adds physical, emotional, and, spiritual support. We recognize each patient's special individual' need for support. As a relationship with our hospice begins, our staff will get to know the patient and family so they can learn how best to best care for and support both the patient and family during this time.​​

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Bereavement Coordinators

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At Wings Over Texas Hospice, we hold in high regard the unique differences in family, caregiver, lifestyle, values, and wishes. Our aim is to work in partnership with our patients and their loved ones to ensure they are as comfortable possible, with their family members close by. Our hospice care team, in collaboration with the patient and their family, develops a personalized care plan that caters the individual needs of each patient for pain management and symptom control.

Wings Over Texas Hospice care is about embracing the end of life with dignity, comfort, and compassion. It is a testament to the profound understanding that every moment of life is precious and that no one should face their final days without the support and care they deserve.

The 4 Levels of Hospice Care 

From Our Inbox

"All the nurses and chaplains and all that were on our team went above and beyond. I know he loved them and allowed them in because of the kind and helpful souls they have." 
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