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Hospice Care Services

The hospice care services provided are tailored to our hospice patient's personal needs and wishes. At Wings Over Texas Hospice, our team takes the time to develop a personalized care plan that considers the input of both the patient and caregiver. We understand the importance of addressing the identified problems, needs, and goals, as well as incorporating the physician's orders and the patient's environment. This plan is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it continues to meet the changing needs of the patient.

Nursing Care

Our Wings Over Texas Hospice patients are each assigned a case manager nurse, who typically visits one to three times a week. Additionally, our hospice patients and their caregivers have access to an on-call nurse 24 hours a day.


Hospice Aide Care

Our dedicated hospice aides follow each patient's personalized care plan with compassion and understanding. They provide gentle attentive care to every Wings Over Texas Hospice patient. The hospice aide's duties may include things like assisting with mobility, helping with personal hygiene, dressing, changing linens, delivering supplies, and preparing light meals.


Symptom and Medication Management

Our aim is to ensure the comfort of our patients. We are cognizant of the unique needs that arise at life's end. Hospice care generally includes all medications pertinent to the hospice diagnosis, as well as those designed to manage or lessen pain and symptoms.


Medical Equipment

Hospice provides the equipment necessary to provide a safe, comfortable, caring environment in the patient's home. These supplies are per the hospice care plan needs. The medical supplies might include, for example, a hospital bed, a wheelchair, and oxygen, as well as briefs, bandages, and gloves.


Social Services

At Wings Over Texas Hospice, we ensure that our patients and their families receive support from a certified social worker dedicated to addressing their practical and emotional needs. The social worker may help navigate medical paperwork, make sensitive healthcare decisions, provides information on relevant community resources, and offers compassionate emotional support to help manage the challenges associated with end-of-life care.


Spiritual Care Services

Our Hospice Chaplains are available to provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families, and the caregiving team throughout the end-of-life journey. They may help with connecting the patient and family with spiritual resources, bring comfort during difficult times, create a safe space for reflection, prayer, and conversation.


Bereavement Care Services

Our compassionate Bereavement Coordinator reaches out to the patient's family early in the hospice journey to offer emotional support and guidance during this challenging time. As an integral member of the hospice care team, they are dedicated to providing ongoing care and assistance to the family even after the hospice patient has passed away.


Our compassionate volunteers are a critical part of our care team, serving our patients and families in both direct care and supporting roles. 


Hospice Care Educational Services

Our compassionate Wings Over Texas Hospice team members can help answer your questions about hospice anytime, They will also help our patients and caregivers throughout the process to provide advice and education related to care for specific disease symptoms.

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